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Our History

Casa Montessori, Inc., a California corporation, was founded in 1971, by Mrs. Sakura Long with the intent of building an excellent educational institution applying the American Montessori approach to learning.

Prior to founding Casa Montessori, Mrs. Long had served as Principal of Montessori Schools, Inc.  –  the very  first Montessori school on the West Coast!   When Montessori Schools, Inc. dissolved, Mrs. Long was determined to find a home for the 150+ students that had been attending Montessori Schools, Inc.  She was able to get a loan to build a school on Lassen Street in Northridge – our current school location.  With a 14% interest rate on the loan, the early years were a financial struggle but her dedication to her students, and her conviction in the superiority and success of Montessori teaching methods fed her passion to not just survive but, thrive.

Seven classrooms and one administration building were almost finished when students and faculty moved into this location on January 2, 1971. Not long after, Casa Montessori become a non-profit corporation. In 1985, our auditorium was completed; and in 1994, a library was added to our campus. Our last building was completed in 2008 and is home to our computer lab and a Teacher Training Center.

Our classrooms were designed and are organized to provide an environment which will lead to the development of individual freedom, self discipline, and creative thinking. We invite all parents who are seeking excellence in their child’s educational experience to tour our campus, visit with our teachers and administration, and observe our classroom sessions.