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Updated Security System

This year, we updated all the security cameras around the school, and we now have 24/7 recorded surveillance coverage. Footage is stored for two weeks at a time before being erased to reference back when needed.
We have front gate access involving an electronic keypad and a video doorbell. This enables the front gate to remain locked throughout the entire school day and provides us with increased campus security.
We have new high fences around the campus. This increases the general security of the school because it forces visitors into an area where they will be met immediately by school faculty. This ensures that the school can control access onto school grounds. Our fences also protect students, specifically young children, from accidents.
We have a school security guard. Having someone actively monitoring the school grounds will decrease the amount of violence that takes place. The security guard can step in and put a stop to what is happening before anyone gets hurt or property is damaged.

Inter Room Communication System

All rooms are equipped with wi-fi and intercom in place to ensure that their staff and students are kept safe and informed. They can also use the system to quickly disseminate important information, such as emergency announcements or school closures.