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Primary Program

2.5 to 5 Years Old

A stimulating, warm environment with caring, Montessori-trained teachers provides excellent experiences for learning and belonging.   Designed to nurture self-confidence, this program offers opportunities for individualized learning and group experiences, in a multi-age grouping.

Reading, writing and math skills are developed through hands-on, Montessori materials that enable young children to identify and refine information through their senses. Practical Life curriculum instills care for oneself, for others, and for the environment, and is foundational to all future academic work as it promotes concentration, order, and completion of a work cycle.  Science, geography, history, art, and music are integrated into Early Childhood education and are presented with specially designed materials and opportunities for real-life experiences.

Elements of Curriculum

Elementary Program

Kindergarten to 6th Grade

A quality academic environment geared to meet each child’s individual needs.  The enriched classroom environment features hands-on materials with cross discipline learning, to maximize understanding and ensure a successful experience.

A child at this stage of life shows a growing maturity for tackling problems, reasoning, socializing , and harnessing the imagination.  Correlating with this growth, Montessori curriculum builds on three characteristics of this period – the growing ability to form abstractions from concrete information; the drive to develop and be accepted by one’s peer group; and the fascination of all aspects of culture and the world at large.  Montessori elementary studies are based on a cultural curriculum that integrates history, geography, mathematics, life and other sciences, language, literature, art, and music.  This interdisciplinary approach helps children understand the interconnectedness of the universe as they develop creative and critical thinking skills.

Elements of Curriculum

Enrichment Programs

Ingrained in the Montessori philosophy is the inclusion of enrichment programs that stimulate children and allow them to learn while exploring creative outlets that will help them advance in the future. Casa Montessori’s Enrichment Programs offer students an in-depth exploration in four different areas of study – art, computer, music and Spanish. These programs support and enhance school curriculum; improve student achievement; and expand the cultural base of students through innovative, quality programs taught by highly qualified, independent instructors.

Elements of Curriculum